How diverse is service management research?

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Summary of my research

This publication was the outcome of group work emanating from an “Lets Talk About Service (LTAS)” workshop. We felt that examining manuscripts published in JOSM will provide researchers with valuable information that is not available elsewhere. We started by analysing five years of Journal of Service Management (JoSM) articles (158) on several criteria such as theory, methodology, and main descriptive elements (e.g. number of authors or references) and then using manual coding and automated text analysis (e.g. investigating the readability of articles) to make two main contributions: First, we wanted to showcase the diversity of service research and second we wanted to explain (post-publication) success of articles.

With this, our study aims to 1) stimulate a dialogue about existing norms and practices in the service field; 2) enable and encourage openness amongst service scholars; and 3) motivate (especially younger) scholars to join the field.

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