Which dimensions of convenience create the satisfaction and for whom?

Learn where customers set their priorities, when it comes to convenience

Summary of my research

The demand for service convenience, defined as a consumer’s perception of minimized time and effort spent to obtain a service, has increased in conjunction with certain sociocultural and demographic changes. Previous research notes the significance of service convenience, but the importance of different dimensions of service convenience and the role of key moderators affecting the link between convenience and satisfaction remain unaddressed. The purpose of this research is to identify those customer groups for which offering convenience will have the highest leverage to increase satisfaction. This study reveals that search convenience, followed by transaction and decision convenience, exerts the greatest influence on the perception of overall service convenience. In addition, those who value service convenience most are high-income, time-pressed consumers in smaller households who experience low shopping enjoyment. Providers have limited budgets for enhancing their services. Thus, it is important to identify which dimension has the greatest influence on the perception of service convenience and the customer segments for which service convenience is most critical. This research allows to make a prioritization of investments in convenience retailing.

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